3 Keys to Choosing the Right Tenant

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The right tenant is the corner stone of a successful investment property. This is where the rubber meets the road. The tenant can either make or break both your financial position and your spirit. Many property owners have already experienced the pain and frustration of a nightmare tenant which can potentially be 12 months of well.. hell.

The following are the three crucial qualities we need to identify and look for in a tenant to become the perfect match for your property,

1. Reliability – will they pay the rent on time?
Successful applicants will need to prove financial stability and a regular income. Without this your steady income stream is at serious risk. Once this has been established, avoid the burden of costs associated with rental arrears by ensuring your tenant has a long history of disciplined payments. After all you may be relying on this income to pay bills of your own, such as a mortgage.

2.Responsibility – will they look after the property?
A responsible tenant that will treat your property like their own are worth their weight in gold. Respect and diligence goes a long way, this means taking great care in the cleanliness and presentation of your property as well as reporting any maintenance concerns with effective communication. Remember: A clean tenant that takes care of their home and surroundings will be attracted to apply for a property that is in tiptop shape to begin with.

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3.Co-operation – will they be co-operative in the event of an emergency?
An easy-going effective relationship between landlord/agent and tenant is essential. Emergencies will happen from time to time and prompt access to the property to carry out repairs or clean ups can save further damage and/or costs. A good tenant needs to be willing to communicate and be co-operative to find and implement a solution if necessary.

Having the right tenant will not only give you a good financial return but will also give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Take your time in choosing a quality tenant and don’t be afraid to go with your instincts on occasion, it is better for your property to remain empty for another week then to be occupied with a bad tenant that will be difficult to remove.

When you find ‘the one’ look after them and they will in turn look after your investment.

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