7 easy ways to present your property to attract great tenants

Well Presented Kitchen

The key to successfully attracting great tenants is to present your property to look its best.

Not only will you position your property to attract the right tenant you will also give yourself the best chance of an outstanding rental.

Most rental properties look and feel like, well, …rental properties. Yet worthy tenants are looking for a home. So, here are 7 simple areas to consider that are not only easy to do, but cost next to nothing to implement.

1. Cleanliness
This is number one in the list. It’s amazing how many rental properties often look unliveable. Just by making sure your property is clean will put you in front of most of your competition.
TIP: Windows are often overlooked and can create a fabulous first impression. For more in depth look at presentation, see our blog “Cleanliness”

2. Smells and odours
There is nothing worse than entering a property that smells stale or mouldy. Often the cause of this may be the carpet and underlay. In the case of mould, make sure the causes are found and fixed.
TIP: A freshly steam cleaned carpet needs time to dry and air out, otherwise it will deter potential tenants rather than attract them.

3. Lighting
Brightness and light create a great first impression. However not all properties have access to good natural light. You can still create an inviting atmosphere with lighting and the right globes. In most cases just having them turned on and all working is enough.
TIP: Cool white light globes create a cleaner brighter atmosphere for kitchen, bathroom and laundry while warm yellow make for good ambience in living areas.

4. Lifestyle touches
We tend to choose a home for the lifestyle it offers. Adding some lifestyle touches like flowers, fluffy towels and outdoor settings will help tenants visualise themselves living there.
TIP: The use of a couple of champagne glasses with a bottle of champagne can create an inviting setting

5. Paint & touch ups
You don’t need to paint every time a tenant vacates unless it needs it. However, touching up walls and heavy traffic areas adds freshness and a little sparkle.
TIP: Use a quality paint that will last and make sure you keep any leftovers for touch ups.

6. Kitchen
This is one area that must be spotlessly clean – ovens, stovetops, rangehoods, dishwashers and sinks are the main spots. This is an ideal area for lifestyle props.
TIP: Consider a fresh look just by replacing cupboard handles.

7. Bathroom
Like the kitchen, this area must also be spotless. Painting and re-grouting can make it look like new.
TIP: This area needs to be fresh smelling or at least odourless.

Remember your property is rarely in isolation, usually it’s in competition for the good tenants available. Beat the competition with a property that stands out and benefit with a strong rental and the peace of mind of a worthy tenant.GA-email-signature-1000






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