Rent Reviews- 5 Points to Consider

A rent review is essential to check whether it’s time to increase the rent or leave it alone. I’m going

Location Profiles in the Eastern Suburbs

Looking to invest, buy or rent in the Eastern Suburbs and would like to know a little more about what

Glass Cleaning

7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

After what seemed like a long and chilly winter, Spring has finally arrived, and it feels glorious! Along the Sydney

The Perfect Open for Inspection

Is your rental property ready for business? Whether it’s an open-home inspection or by appointment, to be successful requires planning

June 2018 Sydney Rental Trends

If you want to live amongst Sydney’s most prestigious suburbs all signs are pointing East. The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

Mortgage Calculations Image

Setting an Asking Price- The First Step in Marketing

Where do you start when marketing your investment property? The answer is- setting a rental price. In our previous blog

Laptop property search

Marketing Your Rental Property – The 5 Essentials

Marketing is how you let potential tenants know your property is available. The goal of marketing is to attract the

Proof of Identity checklist image

Landlord Insurance- Manage Your Risk

Landlord insurance is your investment property safety net and should be considered a ‘must have’. It will protect you, your

Photo of a sunny room

Routine Inspections- How to Keep Your Property Looking Great

You should be inspecting your property twice a year. During these inspections, you are looking for repair and maintenance issues

Real Estate Photography

7 Tips for Great Real Estate Photography

If a picture paints a thousand words, what do you want your photos to say about your property? Bad real

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