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Renting In Australia: One Country, Eight Different Rules

‘The Lucky Country’ for renters depends on which state/territory you live in. We love to call ourselves the Lucky Country

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Mortgage Brokers – What do they offer the property investor?

In today’s post I’m interviewing Theo Angelopoulos from ‘The Loans Analyst’ on mortgages, rates and offers from a property investor’s

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Renting Vs Buying Property: The Pros and Cons

The ‘Great Australian Dream’ is to own your own property, but is it wiser to rent? Many of us have

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How Not To Be A Horrible Landlord

We’ve all heard the stories about the landlords from hell. The ‘slum landlords’ who treat their tenants like lower class

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What to look for in a tenant

Who you select as the tenant for your investment property will have a major impact on both your financial return

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How To Make Renters Love Your Property Like It’s Their Own

There are rules you need to follow if you want to attract the ideal tenants. One of the major challenges

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NSW Residential Tenancy Law Review

The Residential Tenancies Act 2010 includes provisions for the current minister to “…conduct a review after five years to determine

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Questions To Ask Your Accountant Before Buying Property

“Buying an investment property is an exciting experience. But, before you set out to become a landlord, you should consider

Calculating Depreciation

Depreciation – The key to negative gearing

If the cost of owning an investment property is more than the income you receive, what’s the point? I mean


Is your Investment Property Ready for Winter?

With winter now upon us, it is important to ensure your investment property is prepared for the change in weather.

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