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Get this right and your property goes to the top of the list.

A clean property will always stand out.

It’s amazing the number of landlords with vacant properties looking for tenants, that allow their property to be presented in a dirty condition, even top end properties.

Property presentation is not just about looks to attract the right tenant; it also creates expectations.

The ‘Broken Windows Theory’, was the guiding principle behind the ‘zero tolerance’ clean-up of New York City in the 1980’s. It proposes that a building with broken windows is more likely to be vandalised further if left unrepaired because it creates the impression of apathy. Fixing the first broken window can prevent future acts of vandalism.  Experiments with graffiti prove the same conclusion, left unattended it will escalate. However, if removed immediately it actually prevents further attacks.

This principle also applies to rental properties. A property that looks dirty and uncared for implies the landlord is apathetic about the condition of their property. A tenant that interprets a dirty property in this way, is likely to become indifferent as well.

If they are in fact house proud they tend to start the tenancy feeling resentful and not ‘on side’.

Property presentation sets the standard and expectations of how the property is to be treated.  So if you do it right, not only will you attract the best kind of tenant but you’ll set them up on the right attitude.  It is also the best value property makeover your money can buy. For more on property presentation see our blog “7 Easy Ways to Present Your Property to Attract Great Tenants”

Presenting your new tenant with a spotless property starts the tenancy on the right path, now it’s up to the tenant to keep the property clean and tidy. At least twice a year schedule a routine inspection to make sure lack of regular cleaning isn’t accelerating wear and tear on your property.

When was the last time your property was inspected for maintenance issues and cleanliness?

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