How can I view a property?

You can view one of our properties at a scheduled open for inspection or contact one of our leasing agents to arrange a private inspection.

How can I apply for a property?

Our online tenancy application can be found under the tenant section of our website.

Please provide all relevant documentation. Approval of your application will be delayed or will not be able to proceed without this documentation.

  • Identification – 2 forms of photo identification. e.g. Driver’s licence or passport; Or 1 photo identification and 2 credit cards
  • Tenancy History – a print out of your current tenancy ledger and/or written reference (available from your real estate agent)
  • If you own your current residence – a copy of a council or water rate notice for the property
  • Employment History – payslip or letter from your employer providing proof of income
  • If self-employed you will need to provide a reference from your accountant as well as banking details and statements.
  • Any written reference either personal or from a real estate agent.
Holding fee

Once you have been approved as a tenant you will need to pay a holding fee of one week’s rent to secure the property (please note that we are unable to accept more than the equivalent of one week’s rent or any personal cheques).  This will enable us to prepare documentation and remove the property from the market.

The holding fee gives you 7 days to sign the tenancy agreement or you will forfeit the holding fee, unless the delay is caused by the landlord or agent.

Rental Bond

The rental bond is held during the term of your tenancy by NSW Fair Trading, Rental Bond Board. The release of bond takes place at the end of a tenancy agreement, after the final inspection of the property by the Landlord or agent.

Ongoing tenancy


You are required to pay rent in advance at all times.

Rent can be paid by the following methods

  • Direct deposit – please use bank account and user name details as per your tenancy agreement
  • Direct debit – this can be set up through your bank for rental payments to be automatically transferred.
  • Rental Rewards – You can be rewarded with Qantas frequent flyer points just by using their eligible credit card to pay rent.
  • Cheque – made payable to: Property Quarters

Timely payment of rent is a commitment we take very seriously and make no apology in pursuing arrears vigorously. Please advise us immediately if you are experiencing any difficulties in paying the rent on time.

Condition report

The condition report sets out the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy. You have 7 days to check the accuracy and return a signed copy to our office. Please be very thorough, as you will be held responsible for any damage that is not recorded.

Routine Inspections

Our policy is to arrange our first routine inspection within the first 3 months of you moving in. Further inspections will then take place every 6 months.

At the inspection please inform us of any item/s that may need attention or possible maintenance.

Final Inspection

At the end of the tenancy we will conduct a final inspection where we will compare the state of the property back to the in-going condition report. The inspection can only take place after you have fully vacated the property and hand over keys. 

Contents insurance

Your contents and belongings are not covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. We recommend that you arrange appropriate insurance to cover your personal items.


Please arrange to have gas, electricity and phone (if installed) transferred to your name as soon as possible. Our service provider Direct Connect can help you connect all of your services from the moment you move in.

Water usage will be invoiced to you for payment within 21 days.

Telephone, Cable TV, Internet

The use of these services is between you and the service provider. Please don’t assume the presence of cables means the service exists at the property and make your own enquiries before committing to a tenancy agreement. If there are no existing facilities at the property, you must request permission from the landlord to have them installed.


You need permission from the landlord to change locks. If permission is granted you must provide this office with a copy of the keys as soon as practicable.

In the event you need to borrow our duplicate key a deposit of $100.00 is required which will be reimbursed on its return.


We ask that all requests for repairs be forwarded through the tenant portal at Property Tree. This will provide full transparency of the process. Tradespeople will contact you directly to arrange appointments. Please let them know of any cancellations as you will be charged directly for any service charge where you have failed to allow access.

Urgent repairs

Maximum value of the repair – $1,000

An urgent repair is considered one of the following;

  • A burst water service;
  • An appliance, fitting or fixture that uses water or is used to supply water that is broken or not functioning properly, so that a substantial amount of water is being wasted;
  • A blocked or broken lavatory system;
  • A serious roof leak;
  • A gas leak;
  • A dangerous electrical fault;
  • Flooding or serious flood damage;
  • Serious storm or fire damage;
  • A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises;
  • A failure or breakdown of any essential service on the premises for hot water, cooking, heating, cooling or laundering;
  • Any fault or damage that causes the residential premises to be unsafe or insecure; or
  • Any other damage prescribed by the regulations that does not include work needed to repair premises that are owned by a person other than the landlord or a person having superior title (such as a head landlord) to the landlord.



  1. You must first try to arrange the repairs through the landlord, agent or the nominated tradesperson on the tenancy agreement.
  2. If the landlord, the agent or the nominated tradesperson cannot be contacted, you can arrange the repairs with a suitably qualified tradesperson of your choosing.